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Week 2 Run 1

Completed week 1 on Thursday and seemed to absolutely fly through it. Was very focused and very determined.

Today I knew I had to get back out there, struggled to get out of bed then decided to go shopping to distract me. I silently mentioned a run when we were back and the 5 year old was like can I come let’s go for a run and started getting hyped up jogging on the spot.

My mood before I started was a 2/5 on the scale. Today was a completely different run, and having the 5year old with me gave me a completely new lease of life. He was amazing to have with me, and I will definitely be taking him with me again.

At the end of the run I was more like 4/5 on the mood scale.

As much as I was apprehensive about running this morning afterwards I felt great and amazing and really looking forward to Tuesdays run.

Before New Year’s Eve I hadn’t done any exercise for 3/4 years so to be still going is a massive achievement for me.

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I did my first 2 week 1 runs with the kids, run 1 with the 1 year old in the buggy and run 2 with her plus the 8 year old on her bike. Although run 2 was higher stress levels I really noticed the difference on run 3 when I went without them. The level of mind games I was having was silly and I found it much harder !!


Yay, well done for finishing the first week and starting week 2. Onwards...


Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done for getting out there, and for getting to week 2. You can do this, so just try to enjoy it as much as you can.


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