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Blinkin weather is messing with my mojo

I started running in October and I think nearly every week since it was been slippy or snowing at some point. I was really enjoying my run tonight but had to head towards home early than I felt I needed to simply because I was scared I was going to go arse over tit!

I keep going to bed and imagining running near sunny meadows in June. I’m sure I’m going to blinkin LOVE it. I can’t wait.

Just think 💭 sun ☀️ birds tweeting 🐦 sunlight 🌞 I might run for hours and hours 🤗

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I know the feeling.. like a skating rink outside here today too... well done you anyway!

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I went out mid afternoon today to make the best of the conditions. It was fine where the sun had been but treacherous in the shade. I had to get out and sticking to sunny spots worked for me🏃🏾‍♀️


I'm with you there, I long for the sunnier weather to return! I was far more committed in the better weather. The frosty/icy pavements are so scary to run on.


Well done for getting out there!

I’m sure you will enjoy running a lot more when the weather gets better. When the hot weather arrives I shall be either running very early or very late - I am not a hot weather person 🤣


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