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Starting soon

After a tragic Christmas i have decided to finally do something about my weight I am 34yo currently 21st 6lb and 5ft 10inch. I have heard of C25K before and thought I'd give it a go. I have 2 problems I work shifts and different days therefore it will be hard/impossible to get a routine and I am not sure about my surrounding area for the runs it is very hilly and I don't want to be disenchanted if I struggle because of this.

Any advise?


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Go for it. It will change your life!

I dont run on the same day, or even at the same time each day. And it’s very hilly here. If you look through my posts, you will see me whingeing my head off about it, but it’s making me a lot fitter. The first few runs were tough, but I managed them, and so can you, really you can. Im over twice your age, so take heart and dont be put off by hilly runs, you just have to accept your times and distances will be less than for someone living in a flatter area, at least to begin with.

Go on, you can do this 😊 if you have any doubts, check with your GP. And once you know you are going to continue with the program, get your gait tested at a professional running shop and get fitted with proper running shoes.


Welcome! You've come to the right place for support, encouragement and advice. C25kers are a great bunch!

You can definitely do this, take a look at some of the posts and you'll soon find someone feeling the same as you.

Now get your running shoes on and get out there.

Keep posting so we know how you're doing. Good Luck!


Glad FlickM3 has replied as she is currently queen of the hills! For your weight, I am sure some other people can give some tailored advice, but you might also find people mentioning that running alone doesn't burn many calories; there's a weight loss forum on here too, if that helps. Running is amazing though and will bestow many benefits :)

As for the scheduling - how far in advance do you know your shifts? As soon as you think you might have a window, can you put it in your calendar or post on here your intention, for accountability? You must have a rest day after every run day but other than that it won't matter if you have to stretch out each "week" - I ran roughly every three days so each of my couch to 5K "weeks" took 9 days at least. The best thing to do is whatever works for you, and we are here for cheerleading, support and advice :)


it can be done I have gone from size 20 to size 12, joined a slimming group.. now focussing on fitness have faith in yourself the hardest step is the first x


Just check out this post first...


Then.. welcome... take a peek at this site too maybe?


Quite a few of the friends on here are on there too and find it works really well.. then..off you go..steady and slow is the mantra... try to organise the runs to suite yourself... just be sure to leave at least one rest day between runs...:)

Hills.. well, many of us have hills and other than driving to somewhere flat, you just have to tackle them.. gently:) Like the weather...they are supposed to be character building..( Ha ha !!!!)

You are going to love it here... just travel at your own pace, keep posting and begin:)


Very best of luck with it . Don’t be afraid to try it ( after you get the all clear from your doc ) , i started at exactly your weight ( 300 lbs ) i’m 1 inch smaller than you . This coming week i begin my 9th week ( no way could I have thought that was possible only 8 weeks ago - i started a healthy eating plan 4/5 weeks before i started c25k , so far I’ve lost 29 lbs . I would suggest to you to try running on grass wherever possible ( it greatly reduces the impact on knees , ankles , hips etc ) , even if it means around a football pitch . Try wear suitable footwear , take it slowly , the programme really works - best of luck and enjoy it 👍

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First of all well done for taking this step-you WILL NOT regret it, I promise!

This plan is achievable-please keep faith in it, even if it feels tough at first 😊

I also work shifts and different days (and nights 😩😂) but it’s really a case of being organised. However I found that once I started the plan I was so motivated to continue that I couldn’t keep away from the treadmill.

Good luck - this is an excellent, positive forum for advice, support and a kick up the bum if it’s needed 😂

And totally with Flick re gait analysis-it’s worth every penny to invest in gait analysis and properly fitting running shoes (don’t forget the socks!!😉).


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