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one step forward, two steps back! 😐

Its been two weeks since I've been on the treadmill. I'd initially allowed myself a week off for Xmas but then since new years eve i've been poorly with the flu. 😷 I've today ventured back on the treadmill and managed to run for a minute 😓 and that was a struggle. I can't even imagine running for 20 minutes which is where I was before Xmas on week 5 of the c25k. I didn't expect to be able to run much today and am pleased that I did 2 minutes running and 28 minutes walking! I suppose my? is how far back I should go with the c25k plan? I don't want to go back to the beginning 🤔 or how long should I allow my self before moving onto week 6?

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I was taken a back at how tired I was after 12 days off, resting an injury, ( but perhaps had the tail end of a viral infection as well). I did one run from W1 to check the injury was really mended. Then I went out & listened to my body and build up slowly. I can't remember exactly, but I did something like run for 3, then 5, then 7 mins with a minute or two walking between. After that I ran 3X 10 minutes with a 2min walk between, before trying 20 mins. It didn't take long to build back up.

Listen to your body - it doesn't really matter what stage you need to pick up on, as long as you are comfortable & enjoying your running . 😀


Hey raquelscatt, you body will only have lost about a weeks progress in the two weeks since your last run, so in the great scheme of things, nothing at all.

Your probably still run down from having flu so recently, just allow yourself time to fully recover and try again.

I don’t see any reason for needing to roll back so far, I had a month out with a bad back and thought the same as you, that I was done for and would have to do it all again, yes there had been deterioration in my fitness but I just slowed down my runs and ran to my current level, believe me when I say that your fitness levels recover really quickly.

You will be back at full steam before you know it.

Good luck 👍



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