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Week 1 run 3

Chuffed. Got week one under the belt. Must need to slow down as that was even harder than 1 or 2. First daytime run and plenty of people about so I think pride (yes, that comes before the fall!) got in the way so went quicker than I should and was puffed out constantly.

I may repeat week one knowing that I need to go slowly, plus just put my back out again getting washing out of the dryer. Week off, start from scratch! Annoyed but determined.

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Go slowly til you’ve built your running legs, which takes quite a long time

Slow is gooooooood 👍

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The advice on here (to help judge pace) is that you should be able to have a conversation as you run, rather than gasp a word or two!! It sounds like slowing down would be good. 😄

I hope your back is better soon.

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Yes I think I pressured myself as there were others around! Silly, but I’ll know better when I start again next week (fingers crossed!!)


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