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Week 1 2nd run

Week 1 2nd run

Just completed second run. Did this with my hubby although he ran ahead of me most of the time (longer legs) it was nice to be out doing something together.

It got tougher this time but the reassurance of 2 runs left pushed me through it.

Glad I had a rest day yesterday after all. Your advice. I'm going to do a couple of night runs to get my 3 in a week.

Really feels like a massive achievement even though it's only my 2nd run lol.

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It IS a massive achievement that’s why!😁👍

I’m so pleased for you. I would imagine if you’re out running with someone else, that the temptation/tendency is to run faster so possibly that’s why you struggled.

Good luck for R 3 and keep us posted 🏃‍♀️

Liz x

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It is a massive achievement- many, many people are still on the couch! Enjoy your journey! 😄

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