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Slowly slowly

So after the illness and the the holidays today was the day to get back out there.

Whereas previously after running every other day for 3 months I looked like a big puffing minion in my bright yellow running top, 2.5 months of no running plus over indulgence meant I now looked like a bright yellow helium balloon balanced on a pair of running shoes.

But who cares.....I'm doing this for me not for others.

Up to the usual running spot and off I went. Oh it felt good to be back out there.

Keep it slow, keep it slow, keep it slow kept going through my mind as I got into my rhythm. Around Calf Killer Curve and up towards the long 800mtr incline that is the Lane of Pain.

Breathe, look around, slow it down, enjoy it. Endomondo told me I had done 1km in 8m29s so I was plodding slower than I used to but that was the plan.

I didnt make it all the way up the hill and to the next village but it was good to be out. My breathing wasnt as bad as I thought despite the remnants of bronchitis and my legs were surprisingly 'ok' all things considered.

Slowly slowly wins the day. 20 minutes and just 2.82km but it was good to be back

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Well done for getting back out there. Hope you enjoyed it. 😀

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Welcome back 🙂🏃‍♂️👍✔️

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