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1st 5 K!

Well today I ran my first 5 K. I was very anxious as it was a long way from where I live and I was worried I wouldn't arrive in time or find my way. My daughter and her boyfriend, both serious runners went with me for support and they calmed me down. This is the first time I have ever run with others and it was quite nervewracking to be passed by so many running fast. I had to keep telling myself to do the first 5 minutes walking and just see how things went. I am sure I didn't run anywhere near as much as my recent runs but I got round in a mixture of walks and runs. I told myself and my daughter that although it was a race it wasn't against other people but against myself . I just want to improve on my own time when I repeat this. My time was 41 minutes which they told me was a very reasonable time much to my surprise. It was the first 5K of any kind I have run and I hadn't done Week 9. It certainly makes me feel pleased with myself. It will be faster next time and certainly when there's less of me. Park run is my next step when I've done more runs of this distance. Was it really me who did this?

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Very well done:)



Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done! You've broken the 5k mental barrier now and the next one will be even better 😀

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