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Doing it all again

I proudly graduated from C25k back in September, took part in a couple of park runs with good times and was starting to train for a 10k race I’d planned to do in December when I had to be admitted for a (minor) emergency operation on my thigh. I was under strict instructions not to run until my wound had healed.

So now, 12 weeks after my op I have finally started running again! I decided to redo C25k as it worked for me last time and plumped for beginning from week 3 - not too easy, not too hard.

And I’ve just come back in from run 3 😀. Week 4 here I come. 😁

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Go you, welcome back!


Good luck, I am sure your fitness will come back in no time! Bet it feels good being out there again.🙂


It does feel really good but exceedingly cold. Last time I ran it was about 15 degrees!!!

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Kudos! Well done for getting back to it. I also originally did C25K in the summer and don't enjoy these cold, wet and sometimes windy runs half as much. However, we can be smug in the knowledge that, if we continue to run in the winter, there will be no stopping us in the spring, summer and autumn. Good Luck


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