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Couch to 5K
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Day one for me....i gotta do this :-)

So today was day one for me .... just to get out house and motivated was a challenge in itself lol but im dertermined to do this ,i have a habit of starting things and giving up but i wanna do this 1)to lose weight and get fit 2)to help after operations now in menopause and my depression and anxiety seems to be spiralling and i need positivity and to get back up there and smile.....hi 2 u all and happy saturday 💜

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Well done for doing Day 1 run 1. You will do it. Just take one run at a time. Commit to it. Run slowly. You can work on your speed later. Concentrate on running slowly for the time allotted. High five!


Welcome... this the place to be :) You are going to really enjoy it here:)

Check out this post first.. lots of great information.. then, take it steady and slow and keep posting for great support and advice:)


Do this in your own time and take any extra rest if you need to... we will be running, right there beside you :)


Well done.

This programme was tailor made for someone like you.

Stick with it, keep posting and the rewards will be incredible.

Enjoy your journey.


Hi Nessie and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on “getting out there”

Trust me when I say I am no fan of exercise.. but, (and I’m new to this) I can FEEL the difference in my mental wellbeing. It gives you something positive to concentrate/focus on, and the people on this forum are SO supportive! I hope you stick with it. Go nice and slow and make sure you take the rest days so your muscles can heal.

Liz x


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