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Worn Out

Hi All. I normally do my 3 runs on Môn, Wed & longer run on Friday leaving Sat & Sun as recovery days. This last 2 ½ - 3 weeks I have felt completely worn out. I feel tired & sluggish & struggle to get motivated even to go down the shops, basically I feel like I did b4 ct5k.

I was wondering if I need 2 days recovery between runs even for a short while. I say this as I find I am getting slower & slower and struggling to do the 30 mins. I do complete the 30 mins but got to admit it is hard work and got to include a 30 second walks or complete stop for 30 seconds.

On top of that my calves by say the evening start to ache which is normal but are still a bit stiff & aching by the next run despite any stretching I do. I decided as I was feeling worn out to miss this Friday`s run to see how I react and so far my calves feel a lot better.

I though best listen to my body rather than just push ahead with a run. I am hoping by Monday all aches & pains will have gone & I can start the normal 3 days run. I also have to say and this also could be a factor that one of the runs a week is done on the treadmill. I run for 20 mins at normal pace & the last 10 mins is done as Interval running upping my speed by 1-1.5 mph before slowing down.

This could really be a factor as to why I am feeling more tired & aching so much. I am reluctant really to taking 2 day rest between runs but may be the way forward in the short term. I think it is really trying to read your body signs and acting accordingly.Thanks

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Sounds like the onset of burnout.

Either have a break for a week, which all runners should do every few months, or have a few more rest days, especially after a hard run.

You will build an ability to cope with more, gradually over the months. As you have discovered, having the word graduate after your name, on this site does not suddenly transform you into an experienced runner.

Make sure it stays fun.

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Try backing off with the runs, take a break. Back off with the pace, just do a short run say just head for 3k then see how you are, then maybe still go on if not quite reached 30 mins. And there's no harm in walking for 30secs, I do when the going gets so tough...


Have a rest then 😃. Do some walking instead, or swimming etc. You could just focus on slowwwwwww Runs I love a slow run myself Out over the fields on the trails. Slow run with as many stops as I like

Slow running builds legs!

You need to eat well and get enough’s all grist to the running mill 🙂👍🏃‍♂️


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