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Walk/ Run

Hi All. Been reading on this forum & the web about walk /run. There seems to be various progs that you can follow depending on the person. I have tried it a couple of times and tended to only walk when I felt I needed it, normally from 30 seconds to 1 minute max.Even doing that my legs feel invigorated to start the run again

This is not really following a set prog of walk/run at say for example 3 min run 1 min walk or whatever split times you prefer. What I have never seen when reading all the web pages unless I missed it is the pace of your run.

For example your normal comfortable run is say 4mph (6.4 Kph) and you can keep this up for 30 mins nonstop. On the walk/ run routine would you run at your normal comfortable speed or just increase pace a very slight bit for the 2- 3 mins of running before your 1 minute rest?

I would have thought really keeping your normal pace is correct or you are defeating the run/walk prog of less fatigue, completing distance & injuries. Interesting to hear how other members do their walk/runs. Thanks

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Bazzer here, and Tomas, are in the know about walk run. It’s a Jeff Galloway thing so you can get his book from the library and swot up

I did run walk on my first marathon and so glad I did as I wouldn’t have finished it otherwise. It saved my ass! I hurt myself about three weeks before the big day 🙄. Having done it, I would deffo do it again as it’s completely sensible

I aimed to walk every 2.5 km but I wasn’t rigid about it as you have to be prepared to be flexible. I was running 7 laps so tweaked it to fall in with those laps I am rubbish at maths on the go so just ran walked as I needed to to handle the fatigue. I had done 24 km before I even looked at my watch! That’s how good it was 😃

It took me longer than planned but I finished it and that was my aim

You use your head to save your legs! I was fresh at the end and ran two good final laps 💪🙂👍


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