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Still to poorly to run and very confused as to why I'm annoyed!

So I haven't run since xmas day.

Have a hideous cold that shows no signs of going away.

And I'm getting more and more impatient and annoyed at not being able to run. Which is very confusing for me.

Because every time I have arrived at a run day so far I have dreaded it. And I have looked for reasons not to go. And I have procrastinated. And I have moaned and reluctantly dragged myself out. And I've constantly questioned why I chose to start this journey when I'm cold and exhausted and not enjoying myself.

But..........at the end of every run I'm elated. So proud of myself, and even though tired, I feel energised.

So I'm desperate to get better so I can moan and procrastinate and question myself once more, because it feels so good when you've managed to achieve something you didn't think yourself able to!

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I had the cold/flu that is doing the rounds for two weeks and still have the dregs now. I ran once for a team run just before Xmas then spent a fortnight flat out, get better and then get running, don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t make yourself feel worse and hamper your recovery.

The friend I caught it off ended up in hospital with Pneumonia so I count myself lucky I was just whacked out on the sofa.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Get better slowly and properly.. and know you are not alone on the IC..many of the friends on here are crocked at the moment. The good news is, the runs will still be there:)

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Sorry to hear you're still recovering but with that weather, better make sure you're fine before going out for a run. Your first run after recovery will be such a liberation... You'll be over procrastination ;-)

Take care of that cold first, I hope you'll be soon fit to go for a run.

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