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My comeback Run

I did it!! I actually went out and ran again. Albeit only managed 15 mins or so, but I did it. According to my running app, was still running at my normal(ish) pace which was a postive. 2.7K so very happy!!

Chest definitely felt tighter last night, don't know if that was due to fitness level or also the damp air. All in all made it made for a harder run.

Might even try and get another one in tonight!

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welcome back Saul! :) don't overdo it though if you haven't been out for a while! remember your rest days are important :)

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Well done to you Saul... as aliboo says, better to take your rest day though, you have seen what happens to those who overdo things😐...

Glad you enjoyed it...wait a day then go again 😊xx

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Well done Saul.

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