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Last run week 8

I decided not to try week 9 run despite have a 5k run on Saturday. Do 2 minutes make that much difference? I wanted to see if I could improve on the runs I've had. The weather conditions were better than recently which must help , but mainly my mental attitude was better. I was determined to give it as much as possible. Guess what! I ran 28 minutes with a tiny break halfway round. It wasn't exactly comfortable but I kept thinking of all the encouragement I've had here. I wanted to do the race thinking I could do it , not that I couldn't. Next bulletin with be after the race!

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Good luck p1M213...go at your own pace, do the five minute warm up walk and don't get caught up in the rush at the start. Its ok to walk sections and you only need to do a maximim of 30 minutes running... you must warm down at the end...

Take care and enjoy your outing😊xx


Yes! You will do it for your park run: relax, breathe, steady and slow to start with. I'm sure you'll even be able to quicken the pace towards the end. Well done for getting out there and finishing the 28 mns and enjoy the run on Saturday! (you may even find it comfortable, who knows?)


Keep it steady and enjoy.. as Bluebirdrunner says.... you will be fine :)

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