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W1R3 - cramp strikes

Hi - just started this and really loving it, even went out in the rain this morning for week one run three.

Almost at the halfway stage and feeling like the runs are getting shorter and the walks longer (got to be a good sign, right?) and got a shooting pain in my left calf. Had to walk a couple of the run phases but was running again (slowly) by the last one.

Other half (armchair expert) suggests it was cramp and that I should be doing more warm up than just the five minute walk at the beginning. Any views? I assumed this was all-in from a standing start, but should I be doing more before I even begi walking...? Does the temperature make any difference? Freezing cold and raining today.

Yours in mystification.

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There is a warm up and a warm up... some folk do dynamic stretches before runs others not.... I warm up really well before any run, however short.. and stretches after a run are essential !


Try strength and Flex exercise too on your rest days, they may help also :)


This weather, it really is important to warm those muscles up, the risk of injury is greater..hope this may help :)

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I warm up in the house first. Those muscles need to be well warm before hitting the street You can do a longer warm up brisk walk. I often do as I am so slow to get going

Good luck 😃👍


Thanks both - will definitely give strength and flex a go, and start warming up more thoroughly.

In Germany this weekend so looking forward to running somewhere new and seeing more of the city.

Thanks again - this forum is a great resource :)


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