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In praise of my hubby

Last night's intended run was completely aborted due to the sky opening and doing a reasonable impression of a carwash in a wind tunnel. I sensibly decided that I'd rather not do an impression of a drowned rat.

However due to lack of decent sleep, a stressful day and Mr Psycho asking if I'd planned our supper and calling into the supermarket for bits and bobs, plus my assuming he wanted to start cooking as soon as we got through the door, I almost didn't go tonight.

And I was disappointed.

I said to Mr Psycho "I was going to go for a run tonight"

"Well," he said, unloading the meagre bits of shopping into the fridge, "what's stopping you? Go on."

What a lovely bloke I have. Definitely a keeper.

Thus, as my dad (aka Mr Dhiny) would say, I suited and booted,turned my running lights on and, Goblin Cecelia clinging desperately to my shoes, I turned on my lovely wireless headphones and fired up Zombies, Run and Runner 5 headed off on her next mission - rescue a child lost in the desert.

"Please can we go back?" Cecelia begged, "your estate is boring, uninteresting and copy and paste"

"All of that is true, Cecelia," I responded, concentrating on mentally counting my step, "but do you know what else it is?"


"Well lit!" I shook her off into a neighbour's bushes and continued moving (Runner 5 had a little girl to rescue after all!)

Yes, I'm exhausted, no I didn't want to go. Am I still pleased I went? Yes, oh yes.

And Mr Psycho had a cup of tea waiting when I got back.

As i said, definitely a keeper, I might have to marry him one day soon ;)

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Ah sweet...You can tell you are newly wed!

Definitely dump Cecelia though :)


Shopping ! Making dinner! Cuppa tea! Keeper! Deffo!



Yep... keep that one:)


Well done Mrs Psycho😊...i hope runner 5 was successful...you definately were😆xxx


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