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W1R1 - staring from a scratch

Yesterday, I did my 1st run of 2018. After being (again) on IC. No pain in my back, only small 'feeling' in my knee. Today, a little muscle ache in my thights just above knees.

So far, so good. 3.4km in 25 min :) (excluding part of the warm-up and cool-down -> I couldn't decide when to stop/start to have transitions nice and smooth).

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Nice work IgaT! So pleased you're back running and brilliant to see all the support on your other thread from others starting again or going to earlier weeks after injuries. Will be cheering you on. Hope all is well and happy new year x

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Thank you :) I've received a huge support. I am happy to be out there :) I will keep going and keep posting. I aim at running at least 2x per week, so slow & steady.

Happy, runny New Years to you too :D


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