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Where to start?

Visited my Physio today after four weeks on the IC with a sore foot and ankle, Ive found out that apparently the pain is coming from a ‘trigger point’ half-way up my calf! Anyway after a nice firm massage on the knots in my calves (ouch!), the restricted movement in my ankle joint already feels a lot better and I’m hoping that within the next few days I’ll be able to start running again. One question......When the injury occurred I was due to start Week 9 but I’ve obviously lost some fitness since then, would it be ok to start again from Week 7 or am I being to ambitious?

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Some times its best to just go out and see how you feel when running. I too had completed week 9 run 1 when i ended up injured. I didn't run for nearly 3 weeks and am now seeing a physio who didn't want me to run for longer than 20 minutes at first so I haven't gone back to the plan yet but my rehab plan is 3 x 20 min runs, 3 x 25 min runs and then 3 x 30 min runs (and graduation!)

I've just done first run of 25 minutes today and it's working for me!...its 3 weeks of running with gradual increases so going back to week 7 is quite similar and I would say doable. Good luck and take it easy!


Firstly. I am glad that things feel easier... my advice.. really go steadily...un-knotting that tricky muscle is a start... but, take it very gently.

Warm up really well... really well!

Then just head out for an Irishprincess jogette. Steady and slow, ( what else) and see how it feels. Decide on a comfort level, and if there is any pain above half way, then pull back . walk or stop. After the run, really stretch well and roll!

After my calf tear.. which started with a sore twinge in the calf muscle... my come-back ( :)) was very steady and structured.

The first bit of this ramble, shows how careful I had to be..

So... if you find it is a slow recovery, that is fine.. don't risk any more injury... the runs are still there.. I am back up to 10K now; and you? you are going to be just fine.. :)


personally I would start back earlier... whats the harm? it will also give added assurance that you will be protecting yourself too. I would start from say week 4?


I agree, for the first run I think I’ll just get out there and enjoy it with no real structure.....just a slow jog and see how I go! Thanks all!


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