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Starting 2018 with a new goal!

Been a bit quiet on here recently, lost my running mojo due to beimg unable to get out. I had a week of back pain and then 2 weeks with a fluey virus, ending up in me not being able to run for 3 weeks 😣 I managed to get out on 23rd for a run which was broken up with walking due to the intermittent coughing fits! Christmas Day I went out for a slightly longer run/walk and again then on 27th and 30th Dec. Each time trying to increase the overall distance and decrease the time walking! I was feeling really despondent, as I had completed the C25K on my first Parkrun, and was so proud of myself, only to find that now I've slipped backwards in my running ability. So, yesterday I went out with my Stepdad, my baby brother and his lovely girlfriend, and we did the Aylesbury New Year's Day Parkrun! I was expecting a disappointing time compared to my first Parkrun here on 2nd December, especially as I'd managed to run the whole course that time, whereas this time I needed to walk a couple of times. I was so thrilled,though, when the results were posted on the website, I'd only added 4 minutes onto my first time! My lovely family were with me nearly the whole way, and when I began to flag towards the end, my brother's lovely girlfriend stayed with me to let the men continue at my brother's pace. I cannot express how much their support and the support of the other runners meant, cheering me along and clapping when I managed a very short sprint finish! One gentleman running was in the 80-84 age category and yesterday was his 303rd Parkrun! Now THAT'S dedication, and if he can do it, ANYONE can! Perfect start to the New Year, it reminded me that a little bit of determination goes a long way, and I'm happy to say that my running mojo is back in full force! Looking forward to my next challenge and my journey to conquer 10k, once I've got a few consolidation 5k runs under my belt. Going to try to do every Parkrun I'm free for 😁 So, I'm starting 2018 saying by thank you, C25K, and all you lovelies on here, you've made me a happy and determined graduate, with a fab new hobby, and a new sense of pride in myself! Here's to the additional 5k 😁🏃❤

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Well done you! I was exactly the same in December & have got back out there - just hate these dark evenings & am longing for Spring! Keep us posted, you'll be back at your best before you know it 🏃🏽‍♀️💪☺


Congratulations and well done for getting motivated and back out there. The benefits from doing this will drag you back every time it’s addictive this running lark! Good luck with your next run and Happy New Year 😀


Well done and great to see you back. I have also had a break due to back pain but I did a slow 2k the other day and a much quicker one today.

Onwards and upwards for us both.


Like you I did very little over the last few weeks. My fitness has gone. I got out a couple of times between Christmas and the New Year, but I can no longer run 5K without having a couple of walking breaks. I’m going to do my 20th Parkrun on Saturday , it will be slow. I’m a long way off running a 30 minute 5K. I’m going to aim to get to 50 Parkruns this year, run a sub 28 minute 5K and run a few 10K races and try my best to run 10K in 60 minutes.

Enjoy your running in 2018 and getting your mojo back.



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