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Last run of the year!!

Hi!! Still really enjoying running after graduating in early December! I’ve been going out 3 times a week doing 5K and am noticing such an increase in fitness!

Tried out new Bluetooth earphones and was very pleased with them!

Also had a wee added bonus of seeing a buzzard circling very low around me!! If I wasn’t out running I’d miss these things!!

My family still joke about me running though! Daughter suggested a swear box every time I mention running or birds!!!! She was going to run with me this holiday but I’m a morning person and she isn’t!!!

Anyway Happy New Year everyone and happy running!!! 😀🏃‍♀️🏃🎉

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Good to see thee fitness keeps noticably improving. Ha, family teasing! Thank goodness for my daughter who began c25k a few weeks before me and has been an inspiration. My partner, who used to play football and has the attitude that resting an injury is a sign of defeat, makes snidey comments like: here comes a jogger. Grrr.

The buzzards are awesome arent they. i see them and kites too when I do daytime runs (which isnt often).

Have a great new year.

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Ha ha!! Good thing I can laugh at myself too! But I think they really can see the good it’s doing me and I’m just hoping they might do it too but they are rather stubborn so I don’t push it!!

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