😞 no running for 6 weeks now!

6 weeks ago I was running week 8 day 3, as I was running down a fairly steep hill I felt something snap in my ankle!! Hobbled home and was in so much pain, ended up going to a &e, no breaks but a sprained ankle, like I said 6 weeks ago!!!!! Much better and able to walk on it, but still feels like someone is jabbing a pencil in my ankle bone 😔

Anyone done similar and returned to the running again, I was really enjoying it and now feel a wobbly mess

Thanks x

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Oh, poor you, that’s awful. Hugs. I dont know how to offer advice and can only say I hope it improves soon. It will probably get better suddenly and you will be back out there xx

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Sounds horrid..but you have been checked out and you will recover.. I, like many of us have had spells on the IC... my last spell was a long one... and you do get back it. Just take it slowly and steadily and try to exercise.. using all the other bits of your body!

These may help?

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