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Week 2 run 2

You know, I actually just laughed at myself because I can't believe how happy I am right now & how proud I am, I know I've only stuck to it for 2 weeks nearly but if you knew me you'd know how much I hate cardio lol.

I think getting the job in America next year has really gave me the motivation I needed.

I even ran home from work today (in skinny jeans, a big parka coat and with my bag as wellπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚)

The run wasn't bad really and I'm glad I done it, I was going to wait until I got home so I could get charged and things but I know what I'm like if I'd have gone home I wouldn't have gone back out too run!

Got a bit of a question tho.... there's a muscle in the bottom of my foot or something (may not be a muscle) but basically when I'm running especially, but sometimes even just walking, when I place my foot down and apply pressure it feels like this muscle is going to rip if I put more pressure on it, and it leaves a burning feeling, does anybody know what this could be?

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Well done for sticking to your runnning programme! Especially after work. You seem to know yourself quite well, so you shouldn't be worried about not finishing the runs.

However, what you describe about the pain in your foot is a bit more worrying. There are quite a few of muscles under the foot and you should make sure you're not having some inflammatory problem like a tendonitis (does it hurt when you get up in the morning and disappear gradually or can you feel it all day long?), or something like plantar fasciitis (PF). If it is painful when you massage, you need to get an examination to check if your feet might be flat in which case you may need insoles and physiotherapy (it might also be a problem of posture, not only of your foot). Also make sure you've got proper running shoes. I have flat feet (2nd degree) and PF on my right foot but with the right insoles, some physiothery and postural exercices, I can deal with it. Now and then I use a roller under the foot to massage the muscles under. But you need to check with a professional before doing any massage of your own.

Anyway, just make sure it's not too serious.

Here's a link to PF:



Thank you, wise words! The pain in my foot started about a month ago, I feel nothing when I wake up or when I touch it but occasionally when I'm walking or running, when I step and put pressure on the foot it really feels like it's about to tear and burns and if I continue walking or running it continues every time my foot hits the same position on the fooor so I find that I start limping along on the outside of my foot to stop it. It feels like a muscle, I think it could possibly be down to the shoes, I own more trainers than anything but the majority of them are Nike Sb's, vans and converse so pretty much flat soles and no cushion... I need to get some running shoes and see if that improves anything.

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Try to get a gait analysis if you are going to buy new shoes. It is definitely a muscle but you need to check your feet with a doctor if it carries on after trying on new shoes, because if you have PF and you carry on running with no insoles, the muscle could get very inflammated and the worst case scenario is that it could develop into a heel spur/calcaneal spur. Take care!

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