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Back on Track

Well taking everyone's advise ( thanks guys ) after an unforeseen break 2 1/2 weeks I trusted that my stamina may have built up to carry on from where I left off so I set out today to repeat the last run I did W8R3 then I can plod onto week 9 next week and graduate - ?? Question time ?? I set off as normal with Sarah Mullican on my warm up walk then started to jog / plod on unwittingly I ran past my finish time and through the warm down walk as my podcast paused itself or Sarah just went for a pie !! So I did my walk down walk and checked timings ( this is the Question guys ) my tracker - new watch for Christmas :-) said I'd walked/ ran for 43 mins covering 7.4km does this sound right with heart rate between 130/150 ( not a clue what this means ) have I unknowingly done a 5K ?? Need to do week 9 and compare times and distance now I think - keep plodding guys :-)

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Depending on your brisk walking pace you will cover anything from 800metres to about 1.4k in the warm up/ cooldown walks.

There is no "right" for distance covered at any stage of the process. Nor for heart rate, which will differ for everyone. The plan is duration based.

Don't get hung up on distance and be aware that fitness watches are notoriously inaccurate, even when calibrated.

Well done on finishing though.

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Thanks yea I don't think the distance is right but glad I got the extra time under my belt - Want to do a park run for my final run so it's measures and I can see where I get to time wise - Happy new year

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