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PGW8 - 8 days a week!

With Christmas falling as it has I have allowed myself an 8 day week for my PG week 8. Would have run yesterday but weather and dentist led me to an extended week instead.

So I headed out this morning on my 3rd run of my 8 day week, intending to do a simple slow and steady 30 minute run. I did a 10 minute warm up walk and then set off.... a bit too fast. My usual running pace is between 8 and 8:30m/km and I was around 6:30m/km. Out of breath very quickly I decided to convert my straight 30 minute run into a run/walk/run - it felt a little bit like early C25K at the end with the walks coming all a bit too quick between the runs.

So as our C25K mentors like to remind us keep it slow and steady. Happy Running everyone. As always keep believing in yourselves and keep running.

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