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First run

Just done my first run, egged on my Sarah Millican!!! Surprised to say I did it with just a few twinges in my right ankle. Hoping that doesn't get any worse. I did drive to a remote spot to run along a deserted canal tow path to make sure no one I knew saw meπŸ˜™. Feeling very pleased with myself and am planning second run on Tuesday after the New Year Hangover has been and gone.

Ps Andrew (husband) came too and I think secretly enjoyed it πŸ˜„

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Well done both..very well done! Slow and steady and enjoy!

Make sure you hydrate well after the New Year's celebrations too :) Looking forward to your next post :)


Well done, that's a great start. Niggly aches and pains are common in the first few week, the rest days should help with that. Enjoy your next run. πŸ˜„


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