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Week 2 run one

So I've learned today running is just a big mental challenge... you just have to push through what your brain tells you.

I finished week one and yesterday I was thinking about week two starting today and I was dreading it, I know I can jog 8 minutes in a row non stop yet I was still doubting my chances of succeeded in week two which only really consists of 90 seconds jogging at a time.

During the run two runs in my headphones died (wireless Bluetooth) and my brain said "just go home charge them and do it again later" but realistically I knew the chances of me finding the man fixation to start again where slim, so I continued... and now I'm sat at home, just finished and having a fruit smoothie and I'm so glad I finished it first thing because now I can feel happy all day and not have to think about doing it later.

There was points of the run where I felt out of breath, and if I kept going would have gave in and I remembered I'm not doing this to be the fastest runner I'm doing it to pick up distance gradually.

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Well done slow and steady 👏

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Running is definitely a mental and physical challenge. You need to push through mental and physical barriers every time you go out. Remember to take it as slow as you need to and if you feel you are getting tired just slow the pace down. Slow and steady. It is so rewarding when you complete the sessions so just keep going :-)

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