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Back on the wagon

So I haven’t run for about 7 weeks 😳🤭. I hadn’t been working for a year after moving countries and when I went back to work I just didn’t keep it up so...yesterday I did 5 mins warm up walk, 20 mins run at about 8.5k an hour and 5 mins cool down walk. Little bit stiff today! The reason I’m posting is to publicly state my intention to run 3 times a week when I’m back at work, I’m looking out for the next group where goals are shared. My husband bought me some lovely wireless earphones and a snazzy water bottle for Xmas which helped encourage me back, he’s a good egg!

Thanks all for listening

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That's great- welcome back and go you. I find it helpful to plan ahead when I will fit in a run around work & other demands on my time. 😃

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