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Graduated but gone back to week 6

After graduating I’ve had a list of reasons (and some excuses) for not keeping it up. And then last couple of times I’ve developed a real pain in the top of my right leg making even walking difficult. Had planned my first park run in January. Body clock woke me on Boxing Day - and the personal guilt overcame me. So I have reset my goals (April for my park run) and went back to a more manageable week 6 run. Felt good even though my leg still hurt. Will exercise that in the pool with the hope it eases. Happy Christmas to all us runners x

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If its an ache, try warm up exercises before each run, just gentle getting the joints moving etc. Then ensure you stretch well after every run.

On rest days have you tried Strength & Flex:-


I also do a bit of yoga and Pilates which are helpful,

However, if it is pain, see a professional for a full diagnosis. A sports physio is well worth investing in if you can.


Thanks for the advice. It’s frustrating as I didn’t have any strains or pain whilst doing the 9 week programme - just general aches from underused muscles. I’m feeling really motivated again now so I don’t want this leg thing to get in the way.


It's great that you want to get going again, but get your leg checked- running on an injury is never a good idea-it just leads to time on the injury couch.

We will be here to cheer for you when you are ok & running- keep in touch! 😀


I still sometimes do the interval running did one yesterday in fact. Took me 40 mins to do 5k


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