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Sunny Boxing Day run

I hope it’s as sunny with you as it is here (at the moment!) in Cheshire. I got up early had a bit to eat, waited an hour or so and then headed out for my week 6 run 3 (25 mins of running!). Nice quiet roads and pavements, blue skies and along I plodded... feeling pleased with myself and happy that I made it round without feeling too bad.

I hope everyone is having a happy festive time.. personally I’m not such a massive fan of this time of year, not everyone has family close by and lots of people to share it with, I think sometimes Christmas highlights the loneliness for a lot of people. So a big hug to everyone, whatever your situation, I hope the running adventure is helping you as much as it’s helping me xxx

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A huge hug to you, this Christmastide... I was out this morning..it was glorious wasn't it.. it? ( ( I am in Staffordshire)

Very well done you for getting out there and having a good run... I am a plodder too.. slow and steady gets us there :) x

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Hi , well it’s defiantly rainy in Manchester ;-). I’m glad to say that I had a lovely run into work yesterday in pretty perfect running weather .

Today I am thinking I may need an ark!!

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Great run, well done you. 😃

...and yes, Christmas time is hard for lots of people- hug. Some people find it helps to get involved with local projects supporting others. My hubby helped at a local church kitchen providing food for anyone who wanted to come eat.

Enjoy your next run. 😄

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