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Merry Christmas all!

Merry Christmas all!

Wishing all my running family a very happy Christmas. May the running pressies you want be under the tree and the runs you desire be on your doorstep!

I’m not running today but had a great plod yesterday and will run tomorrow. I hope my running, dog walking and a bit of restraint will fend off the worst.

The picture is from the dog walk this morning!

And because there’s something star warsy on the tele- may the running force be with you!

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Happy Christmas you!!! What a glorious photo... looks idyllic :)


Happy Christmas JSS!

Walk not. Run, or not run. There is no walk. To misquote Yoda.


Lovely pic JSS, reminds me of my former Parkrun in the grounds of a local National Trust ground, some magnificent trees there, miss them!


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