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Week 9 Run 3

Well that’s it all done and dusted and in the bag week 9 Run 3 completed. A tough one in the wind especially “sea view trot” 1.5 km (well that’s what Strava called it).

So where do I go from here then ?

Do I consolidate the current run for a few weeks and them move on by addin a couple of minutes each week.

Thoughts guys.

Thanks for a all your comments and words of encouragement during the 10 + weeks of this challenge and at times it has been a challenge.

Happy running everyone and a Merry Christmas to you all.

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Woohoo well done on your graduation, step up to the podium and celebrate in style. 🎉🏆🥇

Consolidation runs is the way forward and just enjoy those new running legs 😊

Have a good Christmas and here's to lots of wonderful running in 2018 🥂

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Thanks Carolyn consolidation it is then for a few weeks.


I graduated this week and yesterday was my first 30 minutes post grad. I thought I would consolidate for a few weeks and increase my speed and distance. Interestingly I found it harder than usual not sure why. Good luck with whatever you decide and congrats on what you have achieved.


Thanks very much fella.


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