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PGW7 - Back to business!

Another week under the belt. I have been mixing my runs up a bit recently doing things like intervals and anything but a straight 30 minute run. So this week after a bit of fun on Sunday with my run I set my face to get back to work on some 30 minute running.

Rather than my usual thoughtless setting off I deliberately slowed my start right down and was pleased that come the final 3rd of my run I still had enough energy and oomph in my legs to put in a bit of a spurt.

Happy Running everyone. As always keep believing in yourselves and keep running.

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A slow run, with no pressure, is a wonderful thing. You,saved the best til last 🙂

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Slowing down is difficult for most of us when we start, but you will discover other gears and gentle cruising, with the occasional high revving action, is definitely the way to go.

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