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So after completing R8W3 the middle of October and not being able to continue with R9 to graduate because of an injured knee it turned out to be Patellofemoral which is still ongoing 😣 having physio and doing knee exercises but feel I'm not getting anywhere in the recovery to getting back out there running was hoping I could start again January but feel my knee won't b ready..... going for gait analyst and new trainers and advice would be very much appreciated to spped up the recovery of this damn inconvenience

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Has your physio said anything about your return to running! Ask at your next session

It can be a frustrating lonely time on the bench but doing physio does give you more optimism that you are helping yourself get well and strongl so keep up with those exercises I used weight bearing exercise equipment in the park as well as physio but you have to check with the physio about what you can do

Eating healthily and watching your weight is important too. Stay on here and keep in touch so you don’t feel isolated while you are not running

I hope you’ll be better soon 👍🙂

Ps can you do upper body stuff while you’re waiting for your knee!

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Thanks misswobble Been told not to go running yet can do upper body stuff but no weight bearing only low impact ie swimming static bike etc as regards to eating and weight I am a member of slimming world so eat healthiy with plenty of fresh fruit and veg weight loss of 1 stone 91/2 lbs in 4 1/2 months x


Misswobble has given great advice.

Your physio is the first one to listen to, anything we say is secondary.

Ultimately, this will seem like a temporary blip, but most of us have suffered setbacks and strengthening your body has to be done and will make you a better runner.

You will get there.

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