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Couch to 5K
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Well tomorrow will be week 8 not sure how it will go 🤔 the runs upto and including when it first snowed we’re fine last few with ice everywhere (still not all gone on Tuesday) were testing also with added manflu and slightly tight calf/Achilles I seem to be running slower as only getting as far on my circuit as the first 20 minute run yet running for 5 more. Hopefully tomorrow will be better as the last of W7 I could have actually kissed Jo Whiley if she’d said slow down and brisk walk half way 😳. Schedule has me graduating on New Years Day but worried that anything like a 5k in 30 mins is a fair few weeks further down the line. Once graduated will use starva or map my run to get a better idea of pace. 5 more runs left till the biggie 👍🏼

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Good luck you will do it . Don’t stress about 5k get the 30 minute runs and then use Strava which I found really good on my first 5k ! 😊


30 minutes is all that is needed.. steady and slow all the way to the podium :)


Awful run yesterday probably my most disappointing yet 😕 completed the 28 mins but was really expecting to hit 4.5 k and was nowhere near. Seems that the running longer continually isn’t getting me much further than running and having the walking breaks. Haven’t used strava or anything yet but felt I let myself down yesterday as it’s the first run with no calf/Achilles issue, no ice, manflu nearly gone and mild conditions just hope I can improve over the next 5. I’d be happy with anything under 35 mins but it’s looking closer to 45 😳 suppose not all runs are good ones but didn’t even get the rush after. On to the next one Saturday instagram.com/p/Bc98oGGBFnb/


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