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Back out there!

2 weeks without a run due to illness and the awful state of the pavements with ice and snow.My first run back was all over the place, although I was quite pleased with my distance I went far too fast and burned out before my goal so now I m not sure wether to go back a week, I was on w7r2 but I'm well short of the distance I was doing.And it was so warm today 11 degrees I had too many layers on!!

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You know the answer - slow it down while you get back into the swing 😀. Going back one run may help but carrying on where you left off, as long as you slow it down, should be fine too. As you are coming back from illness you shouldn't put too much stress on your body. Make sure you are fully recovered and you will soon be back to where you were.

On the other hand it may just have been "one of those runs" and your next one will be "running as usual". See how you're next run goes for the answer.

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Thank you I've never had ' one of those runs' yet until now!


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