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Tendon Injury......Arrrrgh!

Almost two weeks now without running due to a sore inner left ankle, with pain and tenderness extending up my calf. Visited my Gp after ten days rest and no improvement, she thought it might be a pulled ligament and prescribed Ibuprofen Gel 10%. Since then there’s been a small improvement, the area doesn’t feel as tender to touch but there’s still some pain when extending my foot. This is so frustrating as I was due to start W9. I’m just wondering how long this injury might take to heal....anyone suffered anything similar?

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Yes, I did. I completely ignored what my GP said, and she said the same thing, went to a physio instead and she fixed it with proper exercises. Nobody knows how long it may take, longer if left untreated, but tendons sometimes do take their time, generally, although you may be able to run in some cases.

Good luck!


See a Sports Physio.. they will be more likely to be able to tell you what is going on...as mrrun says...it needs expert assessment :(


I get tenderness on the inside leg just above the ankle by an inch or so. I have put it down to tendonitis. For me it is only sore if I push on it and it doesn't prevent me running as it clears up within a day, but if it becomes a pain then it'd definitely worth getting checked over. It'd be rare to not get some sort of niggles from running though so you need to be able to determine what is a niggle, what is a developing issue and what is an OMG my leg is falling off issue. What I mean is you know your body best so it's your call.


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