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W8 Done and consigned to history

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I completed W8 on Saturday whilst away at the in laws. I'd planned a route on Map My Run which turned out to be more like 5 miles than 5k. I turned around at 14 minutes having not got anywhere near where I thought I was going to get.

Finished the run at 4.8km and was glad to get there as my route took in two big hills, - no avoiding them so I just dug in and toughed it out. I'm not going to make it sound heroic, it was bl**dy hard and not very pretty.

Tonight is W9R1 - having already run for in excess of 30 mins a couple of times I'm looking forward to what almost feels like a free run. I know where to turn around to give me 2.5k each way so I'm just going to settle into a rhythm & enjoy the last three runs.

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Well done.. that sounds like a plan :) Just keep it slow and steady!


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