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Active 10 is up and running now, a walking community for those not ready to run yet or if you are on the IC

Our new sister community is all up and running now.


Active 10 is all about helping walkers achieve their goals whatever they may be. We have four sections to the forum that come together to make an all inclusive walking forum, whatever your capabilities are. There are lots of badges to be earned and just like here lots of support and encouragement.

Pre active 10

Helps get out the door and start your journey

Active 10

Is the Public Health for England initiative that gets you walking at a slightly faster pace and moves you towards achieving your 150 Min active a day. This is a good way to keep moving on your non run days.

Post Active

This help you work on your distances as you get more used to walking.


For all our dog walkers out there, we encourage you to share your walks and photos. I know we have a few dog walkers on here so please feel free to come and join our Canine walking group and share your dog walking photos.

Please feel free to share the link with anyone you feel might benefit from starting a walking program. We have many different capabilities and are there for those who are nervous about the first steps out the door so if you know anyone who feels like that ask them to look us up we will help them get out the door. All the admins in one way or another have been in their shoes so we understand those first few steps can be the most daunting.

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Well done Rfc on getting this one off the ground.

The site is bookmarked and ready for referrals.

It sounds great.


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