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How to practice running slowly and conversationally

It is difficult for a number of reasons - it can feel physically clumsy, it can be a bit embarrassing, it can be boring!! Etc -- but it is REALLY important thing to do.

So - do it at parkrun. You can always find somebody slower than you at parkrun - so check them out and deliberately run with them. Have a good chat with them as you go along. BUT - they will hate you for this because you will be running at a comfortable conversational running pace whereas they will not. They will struggle to converse with you - but at least, at the finish, you will be able to gee them up in the last bit and get them to run a PB ( which they will appreciate :) ) Win-win!! :)

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Give someone a PB for Christmas!

Brilliant idea, Bazza.

Running with someone with a naturally slower pace is definitely a good way to learn how to run slowly.


I have never punched anyone in the fizzog while running but well there is a first time for everything :P

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Agreed Bazza. It's a wonderful thing to run with someone slower.


Important to pass them 20 m from the finish line 😉 just to check their attitude 😂


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