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Run biometrics

Everyone seems loaded with technology these days so it would be interesting to find out and compare what different people are experiencing at each stage of the programme.

Been having some fun with my recently obtained (very) old school Polar heart rate watch. The fitness test based on my age (55) and weight 73kg suggests optimum fat burning training zone for me of min 137 max 157 bpm, during my last run W5R2 (8mins x 2) I was in this zone for 9 mins, my average heart rate 116, max 145 at end of second 8 mins. Recovery to 95 bpm after 3 mins walking. My resting/laying down heart rate 53 bpm. Last run was 5.5 min/km, 10.7 km/hr, 6.65 mph.

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Did W5R3 this morning. Ran 3525m in 20 mins, 10.6 km/h, 6.57mph, 5.67 min/km, max hr 149, ave 122. Recovery whilst walking cooldown was 149, 130, 115, 110, 104, 104 bpm mins 0,1,2,3,4 of cooldown brisk walk.

The 20 mins went faster than I thought i would once past halfway.

So I seem to have maintained the speed I ran in previous sessions. Breathing came right after 8-9 mins so that I didn't have to think about it. Sweated a lot more without the cooling walk breaks. Slight niggle left lower inside calf to front shin area so might take a 2 day rest gap until next run.


I’ve got that watch. My husband thought it was a running watch Ii use it when I exercise at home for yoga or when I do fitness DVD’s


Yeah. Old school stuff still does what it says on the tin and battery lasts and lasts! Who needs a fancy jogging watch?


That’s true. My Garmins! Grrrrrrrr ☹️


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