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Week 2 done! Yay.

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Well it was rather sleety here so I was worried about icy pavements, so off to the gym it was. I've never run on a treadmill before so it felt quite different (slightly easier I thought). Not sure I liked it as much but at least you aren't dodging dog poop, leaves and wonky driveways πŸ’©πŸπŸš™. I felt 'woohoo' look at me running like a proper grown up runner on a treadmill but found it strange having my speed sort of dictated to (I'm extremely slow I feel anyway). The only thing I missed was that I've found myself singing as I run along to my funky tunes outdoors. Couldn't do this in the gym really, though there was an occasional 'wooo' or 'yeah' involuntarily escaping from me every so often. They probably thought I was praising myself rather than singing. Lucky the gym was fairly empty. Does anyone else sing as they run?

Ps week 3 = 3min runs?! Oh dearie me! 😧

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Well done for taking yourself to the gym - a lot of people would have used the weather as an excuse.

I'm not singer when I run, no breath for that - just wanted to say well done and keep going. Before you know it you'll be running 5, 10, then 20 minutes.... stick with the program and you'll get to the magic 30 before the winter is over!!

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Good for you for finding an alternative, and Im impressed that you have enough breath to sing while running! I thought of using te treadmill but its too icy to get to the gym here.

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