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Just completed this run even though it was a comedy of errors 😂😂. Firstly, I hate having to stop when crossing the road, pedestrian lights etc, it really ruins my rhythm and every set I came to were red today. Finally getting on the canal towpath I got it back and then my lace became untied 😩😩. To top it off about 10mins from the end my earphones seemed to unplug themselves 🤔. I duly plugged them back in and carried on. When I ran past the end point of my last run I thought I’d check the app and found it had paused! 🙈.

Anyway, on to the final week Sunday (snow permitting). I still can’t believe I’m running, or jogging, for a full 28mins. This is a brilliant course and support from forum really helps.

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Go you... avoid canals and snow.. and watch out for loose laces!


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