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Running after night duty

I've started and abandoned this programme two many times to mention. But turning 50 (and becoming a nanna 😍) seems to have given me the kick up the bum I needed. My whole attitude has changed and somehow I've found myself starting week 5!!

I was incredibly anxious about how I'd fit it in around night duty, but as usual I found reassurance from lovely people on here. I was on a mission when I left work yesterday morning and despite numerous obstacles and dramas I won't bore you with, somehow week 5 run 1 happened. And a bonus was that I had the best sleep in ages. I've decided to give up anticipating and dreading what look like unachievable runs, and just start trusting the plan and my own improving ability.

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Way more than two many lol...too many 😂

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Stick with it this time and we will stick with you.

I have great admiration for you running after a night shift.

The benefits of completing this programme are vast and wonderful and it is so worth all the effort for the returns you will get.

You have the correct attitude. Don't worry about a run, after all, what is the worst that can happen.......you might have to repeat a run........hardly worth getting uptight about.

Relax, go slow and enjoy it.


As IannodaTruffe says...relax, go slow and enjoy. Well done you!


Thank you both for the encouragement. Right now I'm very grateful not to be running today and instead going straight to sleep!


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