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5k at last even if it was super slow

After having a general anaesthetic last week for dental work, I’d been putting off running again. Had already been finding it difficult to motivate myself since completing my 9 weeks a month back. Dragged myself out though in the freezing sun yesterday with a new plan. 5k - but not to worry about continual running. I did run most of it but with plenty of ‘well done’ walks. 50 min and 3 sec. not going to win any prizes but sense of achievement, a starting point time to improve on and actually enjoyed it.

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Enjoyment? That's what it's all about :) Well done. Just keep getting out there and feel the pleasure in moving. 5k? Fab.


Well done to you! Those little walks certainly give your running a boost - 5K achieved, 10K next?! 👍😀

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Well done Uve set a base and now u can work from it from x


Good for you! Sorry you had to have a GA but hope you're feeling better and that your mouth is healing nicely.


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