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W5 R3 - conversation between body and brain

Body - Ok brain are you listening? Brain - Yup Body - Do you know how you made us repeat week 4? Brain - Yeah what about it? Body - Well do you know how this made you so cocky you made me feel so confident that we ran out of steam on w5 run 2 for the 8 minute runs? Brain - I've told you that was just a bad day. Body - So you said. We'll I'm taking over today, we're going to take it nice and slow. Brain - Yeah yeah ok. Body - Ok let's do this - go. Brain - Is this a joke? Any slower and we'll be going backwards! Body - Ssh we've got 20 minutes of this and we need to get through this. 3 minutes later .... Brain - Oh come on this is too easy go a bit faster. It feels like cheating. Body - Look brain, I tell you what, if and when we get to 15 minutes and we know we're going to do this, you can take over for the last 5 minutes, deal? Brain - Deal 5 minutes later. ..... Brain - This is ridiculous, we're nowhere near out of breath, it's too slow! Body - Hush, we've just overtaken walkers, we can't be going that slow! 7 minutes later ........ Body - You ready to take over for the last 5 brain? Brain - Actually I think I'll just do the last 3 2 minutes later ......... Brain - Ok let's ramp this up and stretch those legs. 30 seconds to go ......... Brain - Actually body I can't do this. Body - No way! We've come this far, YOU are NOT letting us down now! Brain - But I can't breathe. Body - Shut up, we're nearly there. 30 seconds later. ..... Brain - Well we did it but feel like we cheated we went that slow apart from the end there. Body - Are you kidding? A couple of weeks ago we could barely jog 3 minutes at any pace, we've just done 20 flipping minutes! Brain - I suppose. Body - From now on, we're working together, maybe that way we'll get through this ridiculous program we've got addicted to. Deal? Brain - Deal.

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Yep, just about sums it up. i stretched my legs at the end too.


Loving the brain vs body debate... it is pretty much how every run of mine goes, except on those lovely runs when the two are in synch.

Well done for getting this one done, it catches out a few folk. Take care next time out - for me W6R1 was my nemesis one, in fact I hated all of W6, but then was sunny and happy bunny again in W7.

Happy running with brain and body now synched...

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Thanks. I've had a look ahead and week 6 doesn't look too bad but that's probably my brain talking! I will be sure to take it easy and keep synched.

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