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First post, W5R3, not done well, but done!


Hi all. First post so potted introduction - 45 yrs old, overweight, haven't exercised for 25+ yrs... but here I find myself very proud to be at the end of week 5. I was so fearful of this leap up to 20 minutes, my legs feel like lead after 5 but this morning at 6.45am I set out in my usual pitch blackness (less witnesses!), to give it a try... I live in a very exposed coastal location, this morning was an optimistic 2 deg C with 40mph constant winds coming off the water and into my face for the whole of the second half... It wasn't pretty and I was left feeling a little sad that I'm sure I could have walked further in the same time (genuinely there's slow and then there's what I currently manage), but my laboured running efforts kept going throughout the whole time. I can't quite believe I've done it and even more, I can't quite believe I'm looking forward to next week!

You guys are a daily inspiration - thank you.

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Oh it’s nice to know someone else was out in the freezing cold doing the 3rd week 5 run this morning. We both managed it so time to celebrate. Well done!!!!

LEDruns in reply to Dotthedyer

Thank you and well done you too! Don't mind the cold too much but definitely hoping for less windy next week!

FlickM3Graduate in reply to Dotthedyer

There are quite a few of us at the same stage at the moment!


Well done.

The rictus grin of the W5 graduate is normal but yours is probably frozen in place............ that's dedication.

W6R1 is deceptive. Give it respect.

Thank you - have read the warnings of several others too, in truth all the outings have been hard for me but am still looking forward to trying!

Well done! Huge milestone over and what a great feeling hey! 👍🏼🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

LEDruns in reply to feebe

Thank you, and it certainly does feel good.


Well done. It's not an easy run. Be so proud of yourself - you'll be walking tall all week. Happy running.

LEDruns in reply to runswithdogs

Thank you - and in response to your name, I feel I should point out I am ably accompanied by one of my dogs each run (lurcher very satisfied with progress so far... terrier bowed out after week 3!)

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to LEDruns

Ah yes. My dear running companion passed away in July. When we first did the program several years ago he made it to W5R3 and then decided that intervals were for him, not continuous running. My terrier stays at home when I'm running too. Happy running to your lurcher and yourself.

FlickM3Graduate in reply to LEDruns

Im thinking of taking my lurcher once i complete the program. The constant stopping for wees and to sniff things might be a problem before then. I have to run on roads mainly, so cant have her off lead. Also livestock if I do get off the road.

LEDruns in reply to FlickM3

I'm pretty lucky as I have a seawall or field (nothing grazing it at the mo') footpath to run from straight out of my house - so lurcher is off lead and very happy! Terrier is curled up in bed and equally content!


well done!!! Im off out shortly to do it too. Watch this space x

LEDruns in reply to FlickM3

Good luck - hope it goes well for you and thank you for your support x

FlickM3Graduate in reply to FlickM3

Did it!

LEDruns in reply to FlickM3

Woo hoo!


Well done ⛄️that is so good 😊

LEDruns in reply to Bridget007

Thank you!


Well done 😊 They sound like very rough conditions!

LEDruns in reply to Susieq174

Thank you... rough but totally invigorating!

Thank you for motivating me today. Finding every excuse kept me at home until I browsed the daily C25K chat and read your post. Well done you. No more excuses, sun went down, I donned my running gear and nailed W5R3.

Thank you again.

LEDruns in reply to RoRoMama

That's lovely and brilliant, thank you and good luck on your running journey too.

FlickM3Graduate in reply to RoRoMama

Another one of us. Well done!

Nicely done, there's no rule says it has to be pretty... and in fairness running is more tiring so the speed is unimportant. Oh btw you are also part of the inspiration, there will be newbies reading this and wondering what they will feel like on this run. So thank you for playing your part too...

LEDruns in reply to Jancanrun

Thank you - it's a pretty incredible forum!


Well done fantastic achievement keep up the good work and embrace your journey this is very addictive 😂😂🏃‍♀️👍

LEDruns in reply to Wantorun2013

Thank you - and yes, it does seem to have those qualities...roll on full addiction!

It is amazing that feeling when you have completed that 20 mins ...

I think I grinned the entire day

And my run was definitely of the “slow and steady” variety ...

But a whole 20 mins!

I’ve now run two lots of 25 and still grinning...

Keep going

LEDruns in reply to Sciencesue

Thank you and that's brilliant to hear...can't wait to be able to say the same about 25 mins


Not only done it but against the onslaught of the elements. Well done you!

LEDruns in reply to FlickM3

Thank you

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