week 4 in the bag - and what a difference!

week 4 in the bag - and what a difference!

I went out in the icy cold wearing my new big girl running pants and my flashing yellow light. Crescent moon in a crystal clear evening sky brushed with blue and green and pink. Just gorgeous. I used a less hilly route, though still no flat parts, no choice but to run up and down slopes. The first two runs were a bit of a slog, but I somehow found my stride on the last two runs and it felt effortless till the last minute of the last run, by which time I was getting tired. I really felt as if I was running tonight, rather than struggling along at a leaden jog.

My high heart rate has come down, my resting heart rate has come down, my recovery time has come down, I've speeded up and - most amazing of all - absolutely no pain from my bad knee, and no aching legs. Even the breathing was easier.

This is my last post today as I've rather hogged digital space, but just want to say I feel energised, euphoric and chuffed with the way things went tonight.


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14 Replies

  • You are moving on. You are a runner.

    Just a thought on security.......have you ever considered that by posting the map of your run and all the details, you are giving us a pretty good idea of where you live, when you run, how long you are away from home, where you run...............do you really want all the world to know that?

    Keep running, keep smiling, keep safe.

  • Thank you for your concern, which I appreciate, However, They don't have my name, they dont have my address, and the house isn't empty when Im running. This isnt a village or an isolated community. And I dont start the run from my house.

    I have well over 300 friends on Facebook under my real name, some of whom I dont know, so if anybody really wanted to track me down, they could. But do what? I dont post my location at airports or say Im out all day or going away. I dont publish my email address or phone number. And I dont run at the same time or even the same route, so how will an axe murderer know when and where to find me? Nor do I run on desertd streets. There are always people around and a steady stream of traffic. Im not running along river or canal paths, fields or parks. There’s cautious and there’s paranoid.

  • If you are happy with that, fine.

  • Im very active on social media so have overcome that kind of worry. I actually think im a lot more aware and safety savvy than the majority. Anyway, without my full name, finding me from a map of my run on here would be like finding my keys in the street - how would you know which house they belongd to. Dont get me wrong, I do appreciate your concern, am quite touched by it actually, but please dont worry. To take advantage of me - on the off chance somebody with nefarious motives was combing this site for potential victims - you would need my name or address or phone number or a map if my run BEFORE I set out.

    Now Im going to thank you again and draw a line under this as it’s rather crushing my enthusiasm for the forum and my pleasure in my run tonight.

  • you are doing awesome! Welcome to the amazing weeks where your body wakes up and you feel suddenly ALIVE!

  • That’s absolutely it. Suddenly it all starts to slot together 😊

  • Fabulous.. well done you and results on all sides:) Those legs are beginning to feel their feet, as it were:)

  • Thank you 😊

  • Well done on your run and those slopes (which I bet are my hills). I can see why you are chuffed 👏

  • Ah, these were more slopes, but some routes I go do have hills. There is absolutely nowhere flat at all here. A five minutre run will take in at least two ups and downs. And thank you BTW 😊

  • Oh its a nice feeling when it all comes together. And you are seeing some real results and no pain too which underpins that great feeling!

  • It was very welcome after run 2 of this week was such a disaster.

  • Sounds as though it's coming together for you nicely and to be honest those hills will be adding to your strength, I did all my initial running on the flat which was ok but when I then met a hill I knew about it!

  • Yes, I suppose the hills are a blessing in disguise - or maybe a case of what doesnt kill you makes you stronger LOL

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