week 4/2 - feeling a bit demoralised

Firstly I think I should stick to running in the evenings, I seem to have more energy then. I struggled today, against hills and wind. I was going so slowly I was barely moving at some points. Another mistake was to run round the outside of a football pitch for the first run, which meant slogging through long grass and over uneven ground, thus knackering myself right at the beginning. It was all I could do to keep going for the five minute runs. To cap it all, for some reason that's beyond me, I pressed go on my Garmin and forgot to wait for a satellite, so I didn't even have a record of my run (though probably just as well). I thought, never mind, I can at least get some idea from Google Fit, which is on my phone, though I never use it now. But, guess what, I had turned location off so my phone's GPS wasn't tracking.

Now I have to wait a day before I can have another bash at it :(

Sorry for the whinge...


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14 Replies

  • But you did it. You finished the run, you managed the 5 mins.

    And you did it in bad conditions both weather and ground wise.

    You shouldn’t be demoralised you should be celebrating how brilliant you are to do it with all that against you!

    I’m cheering for you!

    Well done

  • Thank you :) Yes, it's not like me to be discouraged. You are right, i did it and should be pleased. I think i also need to stop trying to find flat places to run - there aren't any - and just get on with it...the hills are bound to get easier as time goes by. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Onwards and upward!!! Yay!

  • Bad runs happen, the main thing is to draw a line under it and leave it behind. I know while you are going through this the program it feels like the worst thing in the world but honestly we all get them, you ask any graduate, do you have bad runs? they will laugh and say all the time, the difference is we know that it has no relevance to our ability to run, that confidence comes with time but while you are going through the program it is the best time to learn, it might be your first but it won’t be your last and it really doesn’t matter, your next run will be better.

    Hehe you also ask that old question did a run really hapen if garmin didn’t report it? 😀.

  • a good Zen koan then ;)

  • All of the above

    Plus, dealing with hills now will pay dividends in the end. I graduated on the flat and had to face hills later😩

  • Me too🙂

    We have to often dig deep on our runs but we’re always glad of it. You can always stop for a breather when it all gets too much. Let your breathing return to normal and kick on 🙂

  • Oh, I havent actually stopped fora breather yet - partly bcause that nice Mr Johnson says keep going even if youre exhausted. I do know the hills will get easier, but it’s the breathing that gets to me. Using my inhaler before I go helps, but it’s still tough. Still, I guess I will be able to smugly cruise past flatties once I get the hill thing sorted. I do come back exhausted though, at the moment. Today was the worst because I didnt get te usual endorphin rush after...just felt knackered and a bit dizzy.

  • Hills and wind eh?. Never seem to be downhill or behind you do they? I don't see your post as a winge at all. Its just frustrating but actually in the end you did it, which means you are making progress.

    I guess we all get the nagging voices and sometimes things don't go as we'd hoped.

    Tomorrow is another day and I bet you will be back on it. This thing is just so addictive.

    Keep on running!

  • Thank you for the encouragement. Today was much harder than the first week 4 run, and that surprised me. I think I will go back to my previous routes: although the hilly bits are steeper, they dont go on as long.

  • Argh I know how frustrating that is; it happened to me with my Apple Watch - I recorded the run but then it didn’t update on my App. Fortunately it reappeared when I updated the software. The sense of frustration you feel when don’t have the record of your effort , crazy huh 😬😂😂 But you did it all the same so well done 👍 Keep going. You can do it

  • Aaaggghh indeed! But user error in my case. The second time in a fortnight. Last time i forgot to change it to run after my last pool swim and it thought I had taken 26 minutes to swim a length. Im not a new Garmin user so there is no excuse!

    Thanks for your encouragement. Im back to my usual optimistic state now and looking forward to the next run 😊

  • Bloody technology always goes awol when you need it most! It’s always hard working out what’s your own recipe for success in running, but now you know evenings seem to be better, so that’s one lesson learned. You put in the effort if you’re confident you did the run, don’t go back and why not try the next one? It can’t hurt and if you do it, then you haven’t lost anything. If you don’t manage the next one, then retry that one.

    And you haven’t whinged really, it’s a real downer when you want to monitor your achievement and it doesn’t work. Regardless of ‘official’ records, you ran, you gained experience, you learned when you prefer to run, and you put some kms in your running bank. All of these things will help you in your future running life - and that’s a success in my book!

    Well done you

  • Yeah, youre right. I shall plug on with run 3 on Friday. I feel better about it now, and its great having the support 😊

    Im afraid it was more a case of me letting the technology down on this occasion though. What a plonker. It isnt. As if i dont know what to do. But there are so many things to remember: running gear, arm band for phone, key, phone, earphones, use inhaler, knee strapping for bad knee, turn on app, start run on Garmin. I usually forget something!

  • Yup pressing pause.... and forgetting to restart, one of my 5k runs apparently took me 14 hours - now that’s a pace that Oldfloss would say is super snail like!

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