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Did I really run further? Can Strava be trusted?

I can't believe I did it! But how accurate is Strava??

I had restarted my C25K that I did with our work running club last year. I've done one run per week which I did between a treadmill and running around my crescent.

Firstly, I am amazed that your muscles seem to have muscle memory and I could run for 10 mins straight away after not running for months.

I downloaded Strava and after a few runs of 2.25 kms over the last few weeks I decided last night that I felt I could keep going and did 10 laps which was 5kms.

However Strava says I've done 8, 38 ??

Any views on this :)

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I personally used Strava and Couch to 5k app at the same time, it was accurate for me as far as distance.


Strava is only as accurate as the GPS you use with it. For example, my Garmin transfers my activities straight to Strava, so its using the GPS on my watch. If you are using it via your phone, then it will be as accurate or not as your phone GPS.

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What tells you that the 10 laps was 5k, prior to strava?

compare it with gb.mapometer.com/ and google maps. In my experience Strava has been very accurate, but others may have different experiences


I used mapmyruns and a samsung app.


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